This privacy policy pertains to the website [https://wealthfxtrading.com/] operated by WealthFX and governs the privacy rights of its users.

The policy delineates various aspects concerning user privacy, detailing the responsibilities of users, the website, and its owners. Additionally, it elucidates how user data and information are processed, stored, and safeguarded by the website.

Website Operation

WealthFX and its operators are committed to safeguarding user privacy by proactively implementing measures to ensure privacy protection throughout users' interactions with the website. The website adheres to all relevant UK national laws and regulations pertaining to user privacy.

Use of Cookies

To enhance user experience, this website utilizes cookies. Upon their initial visit, users are provided with a cookie control system to permit or deny the use of cookies on their devices, in compliance with recent legislation. Cookies are small files stored on users' devices, enabling the website to customize their experience.

Tracking Software

The website employs tracking software, such as Google Analytics, to analyze visitor engagement without collecting personal information. External vendors may also store cookies for tracking purposes related to referral programs or advertisements, ensuring no personal data is stored.


Users contacting the website do so voluntarily, and any personal information provided is securely stored and used solely for relevant communication purposes. Users may receive information about products/services or subscribe to email newsletters, with clear consent obtained prior to any marketing communication.


The website operates an email newsletter program in compliance with UK Spam Laws, ensuring secure handling of subscribers' personal details. Subscribers have the option to unsubscribe at any time, and their activity within email campaigns may be tracked for future refinement.


While the website aims to include safe and relevant external links, users are advised to exercise caution, as the website owners cannot guarantee the content of external sites.

Advertisements and Sponsored Links

The website may feature sponsored links and adverts, with users clicking on them at their own discretion. Such links may use cookies for referral tracking, and users are encouraged to exercise caution when accessing external links.

Social Media Platforms

Interactions on social media platforms follow respective platform policies, with users urged to be cautious regarding privacy and sensitive information sharing. Social sharing buttons are provided, and users should use them judiciously.

Shortened Links in Social Media

Links shared via social media platforms may be shortened, and users are advised to exercise caution when clicking on them due to potential security risks associated with shortened URLs.

By adhering to this privacy policy, users can better understand how their information is managed and protected while interacting with the website.