What are Currency Pairs?

    Currency pairs are the most popular way to trade currencies. If you want to buy or sell a foreign currency, you need to use a pair that has its value in your domestic currency. For example, if you live in the US and know you want to buy euros next week, you'll need to buy a pair like EUR/USD (where EUR is the euro and USD is the dollar).

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Benefits of trading forex currency pairs

Trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs More than 200+ Instrument to trade with The foreign exchange market has a daily trading volume of over $6.7 trillion, making it the most liquid market in the world.

  • Competitive pricing on all Pairs
  • Lightening Fast Execution - Faster Profit
  • Globally Trust by over 1 Million Clients
  • Safety of Funds, Peace of Mind
  • Easy entry and exit from positions.
  • Providing flexibility for traders
  • Offers the potential for amplified returns through leverage

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